What is Lean Manufacturing and its Six Core Principles?

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The philosophy and tools of lean manufacturing

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Do you focus on lean tools but ignore the philosophy? Or do you opine about lean philosophy but ignore the tools? Doing either can kill an improvement initiative


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How shops can relaunch and sustain a lean manufacturing program

The Fabricator

Has your metal fabrication shop's lean manufacturing journey stalled or faltered? If so, it’s time for a relaunch

What is Lean Manufacturing


In the ongoing pursuit of increased efficiency and improved profit margins, lean manufacturing is one of the most impactful practices that organizations have adopted over the past several decades – and its influence remains significant to this day. What is lean manufacturing? To further explain Kaizen lean manufacturing (as it is also known), we can define “waste” as any process or action that does not add value for the customer. Share.

How to win over lean manufacturer doubters in metal fabrication

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Those that resist lean manufacturing efforts need to see the negative impact nonvalue-added activities can have on metal fabrication shops and other facilities

What is Lean Manufacturing and how apply it to your company

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Also known as “lean production”, this work philosophy is essential for any company that is part of Industry 4.0. What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean Manufacturing stands out. How to apply Lean Manufacturing in my company?

Qld promotes LEAN principles to local manufacturers

AU Manufacturing

The Queensland government is calling on local manufacturers to participate in a series of LEAN manufacturing workshops, which will be held in different parts of the state. .

Harnessing lean manufacturing in the factory of the future

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Global manufacturing supply chains face regular challenges: rising material and energy costs, smaller, local competitors offering lower prices and, studies now show, $900 billion lost in waste. In order to survive, manufacturers need to shift their mind-set, adapting existing processes to work with greater efficiency and precision

3 Quick Ways to Error Proof Pack-Out Stations

eFlex Systems

Opinion Lean Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Digital Work Instructions Manufacturing Integrated PlatformWhen production operators work the pack-out stations, I consider that to be one of the most crucial check points for your parts.

All Metals & Forge Group Celebrates Renewal of ISO9001 and AS9100

Fabricating & Metal Work

Our auditor mentioned we have better systems than some of his other manufacturing clients. Not only is this for the benefit of our clients but it is also for AMFG, keeping us at a high level of efficiency, manufacturing processing, and document management.”.

How serious is your manufacturing company about starting a lean journey?

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Are you serious about lean manufacturing, or are you just dabbling? Considering the state of the world, now would be a good time to get serious

Finding flow in custom metal fabrication with an efficient shop floor layout

The Fabricator

A decade ago, a speaker at an FMA lean manufacturing conference revealed a proposed shop layout to promote flow. The bones behind the concept still apply to the industry today

DFW to Host Association for Manufacturing Excellence International Conference

Manufacturing Tomorrow

The largest lean manufacturing conference in the world will meet in person to share best practices for the first time since 2019

Five Leadership Essentials for Lean Success


The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) defines people-centric leadership (PCL) as a leadership approach that seeks to create a culture in which everyone is encouraged to improve and apply their talents and given the opportunity to pursue excellence at work every day.

Five Leadership Essentials for Lean Success


The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) defines people-centric leadership (PCL) as a leadership approach that seeks to create a culture in which everyone is encouraged to improve and apply their talents and given the opportunity to pursue excellence at work every day.

How to Translate Lean Principles Into Your Office Functions


The lean manufacturing movement came out of a desire to reduce waste and inefficiencies and improve productivity in the operation. Lean principles also apply to traditional scheduling functions, finance, even sales and marketing.

Worksport announces their TC3 cover can be made from recycled material

Canadian Manufacturing

We believe this is a breakthrough innovation, as we created new manufacturing processes to bring an advanced tonneau cover and Green product to our market,” said Worksport CEO Steven Rossi. “It Worksport announces their TC3 cover will be made from recycled material.

AI based hyper automation in manufacturing – here’s how it’s done in practice


Lean manufacturing is as relevant today as it ever was, but it is evolving. Meanwhile, digitalization is one of the most talked about trends in modern manufacturing, but in its goals – minimizing waste and maximizing productivity – it could be said to be an extension of Lean.

Scotia Investments and CKF acquire Packright Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

have reached an agreement to acquire Packright Manufacturing Ltd. According to the announcement from Scotia Investments, Packright has a proven track record of building and growing markets, designing new products, and operating a lean manufacturing plant. Human Resources Manufacturing Supply Chain acquisitions financing packagingHANTSPORT — Scotia Investments Limited together with CKF, Inc.

£2M Investment Boosts Chemical Company Growth Plans


A Cross Hills chemical manufacturer is implementing a series of investment projects totalling more than £2 million as part of its new ten-year growth plan and commitment to increasing the use of technology in the business. .

The L.S. Starrett Company Appoints Director of Operations, Continuous Improvement

Modern Machine Shop

Starrett Company , a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gages, metrology systems and more, has appointed Matthew Wells as director of operations and continuous improvement. Photo Credit: The L.S. Starrett Company. The L.S.

Rapid Improvement Events in Manufacturing


Maintenance in manufacturing is a many-faceted undertaking, comprising an extensive toolset of tactics and practices. The Alpha Strike rapid improvement event is built on the Kaizen event foundation, drawing from continuous improvement and Kaizen lean manufacturing principles to drive analysis, action and results. Factors for rapid improvement events in manufacturing. How is a rapid improvement event beneficial in manufacturing. What is Lean Manufacturing.

Wells Appointed Starrett’s Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement

Fabricating & Metal Work

Starrett Company , a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gages, metrology systems and more, has recently appointed Mr. Matthew Wells as Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement. The company has five manufacturing locations in the U.S.A., The L.S.

Jergens Inc. Sells Subsidiary JIS to PT Solutions

Modern Machine Shop

a leading manufacturer of standard tooling components, fasteners, hoist rings, vises and other work holding equipment, announces the sale of subsidiary JIS Distribution LLC to diversified holding company PT Solutions is formally complete. Photo Credit: Thinkstock. Jergens Inc. ,

Custom Tool Foam Provides Optimized Tool Storage

Modern Machine Shop

Kaiser Manufacturing says its process fills the need for a custom solution that is superior to hand-cut tool foam in both function and appearance. Kaiser says the foam’s highest popularity is in lean manufacturing environments, 5S initiatives and FOD prevention.

Jergens Inc. Completes Sale of Subsidiary JIS to PT Solutions

Fastener News Desk

For Immediate Release: Jergens continues strategic vision focusing on core manufacturing business. As we look to the future of this company, it is clear that our greatest opportunities lie in manufacturing – the original roots of our business.”.

The Future of Smart Supply Chain with Industry 4.0


Once the supply chain experiences challenges, manufacturers will almost immediately see higher prices, longer delivery times and extended resource time to make alternate plans and maintain customer relations. technology can introduce to your manufacturing facility. Share.

Office pod manufacturer SnapCab looks toward expansion

Canadian Manufacturing

manufacturing facility, prompting a visit from Bryan Paterson, the mayor of Kingston. He then extended the interlocking panel concept and lean manufacturing principles to wall paneling and office pod kits. dedicated to manufacturing a variety of workspace products. Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Small Business Furniture Products Manufacturing sales and marketing small businessKINGSTON — SnapCab announced a plan to expand their Kingston, Ont.

Worksport appoints first plant manager in New West Seneca manufacturing facility

Canadian Manufacturing

has appointed as manager veteran manufacturing executive Michael Scolnick. Scolnick reportedly has experience building and leading high-performance teams, developing and implementing world-class manufacturing concepts, and driving business performance. Human Resources Manufacturing Operations human resources personnel announcementsRICHMOND HILL — Worksport Ltd.

Allied Motion acquires Airex; expands precision linear and rotary motor technology offering

Automation Mag

Airex’s patented winding technology combined with robotic manufacturing positions Allied Motion to offer quality linear motors – ironless and iron core, rotary motors, voice coils, wound electromagnetic components and sub-components. Allied Motion Technologies has acquired Airex, a privately-owned company that provides high-precision electromagnetic components and solutions.

Bosch Rexroth to expand North American operations, increase factory automation offering

Automation Mag

The company will move its linear and assembly technology manufacturing facility to a new location in Charlotte. ” The new facility’s total footprint of 227,500 square feet will expand the company’s current manufacturing capabilities by over 25 percent.

Comau Leverages Advanced Automation to Deliver Faster Time-to-Market and Enhanced Flexibility for the New Alfa Romeo Tonale

i4.0 today

Comau has designed and deployed a flexible Body-In-White (BIW) manufacturing solution for the all-new Tonale, the first Alfa SUV of the new generation, meeting both the customer’s rigorous production targets, quality goals and time to market objectives. News Manufacturing Robotics

Hybrid Milling/Drilling Machine Reduces Total Mold Machining Time

Mold Making Technology

MSI Mold Builders identified a bottleneck at the very start of its manufacturing process where it squared mold blocks and drilled and tapped eye-bolt holes to rapidly and safely move large blocks around the floor.

Hydraulic Cylinder Market Set To Hit $16.5 Billion By 2025!


Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Is A Competitive Market Place Like most other industries nowadays outsourcing is a key strategy for the hydraulics industry where lean manufacturing processes have made these companies sustainable and highly profitable in developed economies around the world.

Automation and Jobs

Manufacturer's Monthly

Weld Australia sponsored the 2022 Endeavour Awards for the category of Best Industrial Internet of Things Application, which recognised the most outstanding application used in a smart factory to improve the manufacturing process.

TURN UP: Larger, Lighter Additive Parts

Additive Manufacturing

The TCF casing is one of largest additively manufactured parts produced for the aerospace industry. The additively manufactured TCF casing is designed for narrow-body engines in which the part is approximately one meter or more in diameter.

Business Award Winner Gains Traction on Strategic Vision

Modern Machine Shop

Nor has it changed the fundamentals of the lean manufacturing process (which was celebrated in this publication in 2009), nor the nature of investments in the workforce. In Wisconsin, November is hunting season.

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Perspective: Harbec's green initiatives deliver bottom line results

Plastics News

a contract manufacturer based in Ontario, N.Y. Early on, he committed to making Harbec operations a true environmentally responsible manufacturing alternative and an example for us all. Though it may seem odd to look to a plastics manufacturer for environmental inspiration, the journey has proven to many that these initiatives are not only good for the planet but also they can serve the bottom line. For a manufacturer, the task is much more daunting.