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Is Six Sigma out of fashion?

Chris Hohmann

This post is inspired by an article posted June 15th, 2022 on [link] titled “Latest Study from Avery Point Group Concludes: Demand for Lean Professionals Remains Strong, While Six Sigma Talent Demand Continues to Decline”.

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Combine Software and Six Sigma to Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Automation World

Because unplanned downtime can still occur when using monitoring and preventative maintenance software, application of the DMAIC six sigma tool along with software insights can help better identify the true root cause of a problem and how to address it.

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ChatGPT Trained For Industrial Applications

Gary Mintchell

The company also launched Kaizen Copilot, Retrocausal’s first LeanGPT application that assists industrial engineers in designing and continuously improving manufacturing assembly processes and integrates Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems (TPS) principles favored by Industrial Engineers (IEs).

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2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Andres Aguilar, 39

Control Engineering

Andres Aguilar, 39 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt John Crane Morton Grove, Illinois Andres started at John Crane eight years ago as a reliability service engineer in Colombia and later relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, supporting customers in the Gulf region.

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A Better Way To Control Process Quality

Gary Mintchell

Machine Learning works better today because we have ten years of improved data infrastructure along with much statistical modeling thanks to such initiatives as Six Sigma. Our premise is to reduce overdosing by building a statistical model that can capture and process hundreds of parameters.”

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MMT Chats: Project Engineer Applies Lean Manufacturing Principles to Growing Sustainability Role

Mold Making Technology

From manufacturing and project engineering to lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and sustainability, Katherine Pistorius has turned her passions into a fulfilling career in manufacturing. I with the North American region using my lean manufacturing and Six Sigma skills with our community of practices working with team members globally.

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Digitize Your Manufacturing Process 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost

Manufacturing Tomorrow

From Kaizen Management to AI-powered A3 projects, Digital Huddle Boards, and Lean Six Sigma, drive manufacturing digital transformation quickly for cost-savings & process efficiencies. Automate business processes, work with experts that transform your organization.