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Kollmorgen shortens lead times for company’s most in-demand motion products

Motion Control Tips

This broad […] The post Kollmorgen shortens lead times for company’s most in-demand motion products appeared first on Motion Control Tips. Machine builders have always benefited from Kollmorgen’s wide range of standard product configurations, features and options.

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New Incremental Encoders Without Silicon-related Lead Time Constraints

CUI Devices' new AMT13A series of incremental encoders addresses silicon lead time issues and increases the range of shaft sizes available to customers.


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Overcome logistics hurdles, reduce lead times

Control Global

System integrator Interstates reports, even if some products are more available, getting them delivered requires creative solutions

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UR Ships Cobots with Two-week Lead Time; Manufacturers Meet Section 179 Deadline

Fabricating & Metal Work

“Collaboration and communication have been key, with the team speaking to primary suppliers on at least a daily basis,” said Vice President for Operations and Supply Chain, Anders Lassen , adding “The emphasis is on keeping everyone aligned to the shared goal – namely, the timely delivery of cobots to our customers.”.

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How to Calculate and Reduce Lead Times

Machine Metrics

As manufacturers embrace digital technology and control, consumers are doing the same. Whether that consumer is the product user or the wholesaler, digital technology and IoT have changed the expectations they put onto the manufacturer.

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Kollmorgen announces new classification for select motion products to shorten lead times

Automation Mag

Kollmorgen has launched the Kollmorgen Express Delivery, a new designation that identifies its highly popular motion products — including some of the most-requested configurations and options. The company is ready to deliver these products within an accelerated timeframe.

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Kollmorgen Express Delivery significantly shortens lead times for the company’s most popular motion products

Manufacturing Tomorrow

Motion leader Kollmorgen announces a new classification for select products that can be delivered within an accelerated timeframe