Through the looking glass: six predictions for retailers and supply chains in 2021

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

2020 has been a tough year for all businesses, but the retail sector has taken an especially hard hit. With a vaccine expected imminently, 2021 brings fresh hope for the embattled retail industry, but the continued rise of ecommerce means that many of the challenges faced this year will likely be here to stay in the longer-term

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The future of PLC and SCADA courses.

CadCam Guru

PLC and SCADA have played a major role in the Electronics Revolution i.e. industry 3.0. PLC and SCADA are used in all types of industries… It can be small, medium or large. Automation field is dependant on them. They have high reliability and flexibility.

Economic Development Journal – Industry 4.0 – Future of Manufacturing

Martin Davis

The national Economic Development Journal recently asked me to write an article for them on Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing. What is the future of Manufacturing? Is it all about advanced manufacturing, digitization, technology, and automation?

Quality – Standing out from the Crowd

Universal Robots

In the latest installment of the Quality Matters series, our Q&A with Martin Kjærbo, UR's VP of Operations and Supply Chain talks about UR’s quality vision, human-cobot collaboration on UR’s own production lines, and the importance of treating quality management as a process

Supply Chain Security | Addressing Your Supply Chain Management Issues Post Recovery


Current Supply Chain Management Issues At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, supply chains were significantly affected. Products destined for every corner of the world had come to a halt at various ports with no way to reach their intended destination.

The new ARTES 4.0 Competence Center website is online

Smile Hub

The new ARTES 4.0 Competence Center’s website is online. ARTES 4.0

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What is a Wire Harness? | Wire Harness Assemblies 101


Table of Contents: What is a Wire Harness. Wire Harness Assembly. Wire Harness Design and Pre-Production. Wire Harness Manufacturing/Assembly Process. Why Are Wire Harnesses Assembled Manually and Post Production Wire Testing. . . What is a Wire Harness?

Fit 52

Basic Importance Of Electrical Earthing

Gil Automation

what is an electrical earthing? The relationship between electrical appliances at homes, offices, etc., and the earth plate electrodes through a thick wire of low resistance to ensure safety is known as ‘Earthing’.

COVID-19 drives five retail supply chain trends

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The business disruption caused by COVID-19 has resulted in four out of five (82%) retailers changing their approach to stock management and is driving five retail supply chain trends. This is according to a new report from logistics company Advanced Supply Chain Group (ASCG), which shows how the pandemic has caused stock management issues for 92% of retailers

Warehouse and supply chain management in the new normal

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Following the unveiling of Manhattan Associates’ Manhattan Active Warehouse Management solution at the company’s recent online Momentum Connect customer conference, Manufacturing & Logistics IT spoke with the company’s UK managing director, Craig Summers, about the current warehousing and supply chain landscape

How Amazon Manages its Delivery Routes (And How to Copy Them)

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Amazon started as a website where you could pre-order books or send gifts. Nowadays, they’re a company where you can get just about anything you need delivered within hours. Amazon has grown exponentially in just the past decade. So how exactly did they get to where they are now

Supply Chain Resilience Report 2020 released

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

According to the Supply Chain Resilience Report 2020 from 3D Hubs, cybersecurity issues have affected less than 10% of firms over the past 10 years, compared with 60% that have suffered directly as a result of COVID-19 disruption

The New Cybersecurity Trending Dashboard (Beta)

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

An at-a-glance overview of the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Keeping up with the most critical threats, vulnerabilities, and threat actors can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Streamline your scientific research with PubMed feeds

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Research biomedical literature by following custom PubMed feeds on Feedly. Scientific journals produce overwhelming amounts of information every day. But a small portion of these articles refers to the biomedical information you need to research about.


Yamato turns to Doddle to create new nationwide PUDO network

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Japan-based carrier – Yamato Holdings Co., Yamato’) – has partnered with UK-based international ecommerce solutions provider, Doddle, to create a proprietary nationwide PUDO network, underpinned by Doddle’s software platform

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New Feature. Pull content from Twitter accounts, hashtags, Lists, and searches directly into your Feedly feeds. Twitter is full of insightful news and trends. But integrating those insights into your research flow can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Scaling your warehouse post-pandemic

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

With traditional models being turned upside down, the pressure is on for businesses to become more adaptable and flexible with their planning, writes Tony Dobson, SnapFulfil's CEO for UK & Europe

Global supply chain activity surges to pre-pandemic levels In Q3, but cash crunch leaves suppliers vulnerable

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The number of purchase orders and invoices exchanged across global supply chains rose by 15% in Q3 after falling by a similar margin in Q2, the latest Index of Global Trade Health from Tradeshift can reveal.

The Internet of Robotic Things: How IoT and robotics are evolving to benefit the supply chain

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) is a rapidly evolving technology. In just a few decades, industrial robots have become commonplace in factory settings across the world, and they only continue to gain popularity for their productivity and profitability

Leo learns from the community

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

We’re designing systems to protect against machine learning bias. In the wake of recent acts of extreme brutality and injustice and mass protests, we’re examining our role in perpetuating systems of inequality.

Epicor enables UK distributors to optimise supply chain efficiency

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has announced the availability of Epicor Prophet 21 – a fit-for-purpose ERP solution for wholesale distributors operating within the UK

Gartner announces rankings of the 2020 Supply Chain Top 25

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Gartner, Inc. has released the results from its annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices

Multimodal 2020: Sustainability in supply chains takes centre stage

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Sustainability issues within global supply chains will take centre stage at Multimodal 2020, the UK, Ireland, and Northern European freight transport, logistics and supply chain management event, which is set to take place for the 13th year running at the NEC in June

How BH Cosmetics took its cruelty-free vegan and inclusive products global with the help of Techcloudpro and Avectous

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

When the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company BH Cosmetics wanted to take its inclusive product line global, they knew the challenge involved in scaling to become a mass supplier globally, at a competitive price, and providing the same customer experience across geographies

Seven Keys to Logistics Success for Direct-to-Consumer Manufacturers

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

By Dipti Gupta,Logistyx Technologies. In recent years, manufacturers have been profoundly impacted by increased customer demand for delivery speed and precision, increased competition, and the growth of ecommerce platforms. Many have begun to explore a direct-to-consumer sales approach to better navigate an increasingly complex environment

Vertical integration expediates Waddington Europe’s turnaround for essential NHS PPE visor production

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

European thermoforming packaging company Waddington Europe has joined forces with longstanding customer and partner Ricoh 3D to help bolster the national manufacturing and supply chain effort to provide supplies of personal protective equipment for the NHS

Will Coronavirus spark supply chain reviews for manufacturers?

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The Coronavirus outbreak and lock downs imposed by the Chinese government are starting to impact supply chains in sectors including pharmaceuticals, automotive and telecommunications

AI expected to transform supply chains despite it only being used by a quarter of manufacturers in their supply chains

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

More than four out of ten (43%) of senior decision-makers at mid-market discrete manufacturers identified artificial intelligence (AI) among technologies likely to have the greatest impact on supply chains over the next three years, putting it well ahead of other innovations like the Internet of Things (31%) and blockchain (24

Geodis delivers 13 million masks to the US with the help of an Antonov AN-124 aircraft

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Geodis, the global supply chain operator, has transported 13 million masks from China to the US utilising an Antonov AN-124, the world’s second largest aircraft

Meet Leo, Your AI Research Assistant

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Keeping up with topics and trends you care about within a sea of articles can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Goodbye Information Overload. Filtering out the noise so you can focus on what really matters is a challenge we are deeply passionate about.

Manufacturers: Say goodbye to your rigid, if efficient, supply chains

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

To compete in B2B ecommerce, manufacturers need to learn how to meet the demands of today’s B2B buyers for a retail-like experience in order fulfilment, writes Ken Fleming of Logistyx Technologies

Centric transfers Oracle JD Edwards business unit to Steltix

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Centric IT Solutions transferred its Oracle JD Edwards business unit to the Oracle Platinum Partner Steltix on 1 July 2020

Leo recognizes pharmaceutical drugs from recreational drugs

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Leo now makes a difference between pharma drugs and recreational drugs. We heard from lots of biopharma users that the Drugs topic could be improved and clarified, considering the different meanings it has.

Avoiding planning pandemonium in a pandemic: How can you forecast in the new normal?

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

During the pandemic, the foundations on which retailers, brands and Consumer Products companies rely to determine trade volumes, pricing and promotions have been shaken and, in some cases, broken

Blue Yonder and Uber Freight Partner to accelerate digital transformation in the supply chain

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Blue Yonder and Uber Freight have announced a partnership designed to help businesses build efficient and transparent global supply chains at a crucial time

Brexit: Uncertainty remains but supply chain preparations are a priority

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Brexit is back in the headlines, but to those responsible for preparing supply chains in the region there is more frustration than ever. On the one hand, the UK has confirmed it will not be extending the Brexit transition period beyond 31 December