The process functional ecosystem

Control Engineering

However, when a specific need arises, the most effective means to a successful end is engaging quickly and deeply with someone who functions daily in the required specialty field. The post The process functional ecosystem appeared first on Control Engineering.

Automation? ?and? ?IoT??: ?Transforming? ?How? ?Industries? ?Function?

Robotics Automation News

Actually, we should admit that the most important functions that technologies, and especially the Internet of Things (IoT), have today are related to their implementation by different industries. The key role of technologies is to facilitate our life.


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Filtration Innovation – an Enabler for New 3D Printable Functional Materials


From toucan beaks and F1 steering wheels to bespoke medical devices and ultra-comfy bicycle seats, the world of 3D print is rapidly evolving… and driving demand for a new generation of functional materials.

The importance of a process functional ecosystem

Control Engineering

However, when a specific need arises, the most effective means to a successful end is to engage quickly and deeply with someone who functions each day in the required specialty field. The post The importance of a process functional ecosystem appeared first on Control Engineering.

Artec Studio Boosted With Enhanced Functionality


The post Artec Studio Boosted With Enhanced Functionality appeared first on Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine.

Black-channel approach to functional safety

Control Engineering

Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) is an open safety system with multiple vendors of safety controllers, safety inputs and outputs and functionally-safe drives. The main EtherCAT network appears to be invisible to the safety functionality of the devices. A better approach to function safety.

PLC Program Commands: Performing Array Functions Part 2

Learn about multi-dimensional arrays and how to work with them to perform math operations such as the AVE (Average) instruction in the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Studio 5000 programming software

PLC Programming Commands: Boolean Functions and Bit Redistribution

Learn how to use the boolean bitwise functions AND, OR, XOR, and NOT in your PLC programming, as well as some instructions used to change the position of bits and bytes in your INTs and DINTs

PLC Program Commands: Performing Array Functions Part 1

Arrays can streamline data storage and math operations, but they can be difficult to understand for a beginning programmer. Learn the background of array instructions in the Rockwell Studio 5000 software

Rally Beer joins Muskoka brewery for functional beers

Canadian Manufacturing

“Rally has pioneered the concept of functional beer in Canada, and we are so excited to be a part of what they have built,” said Todd Lewin, president of Muskoka Brewery, in a statement. Alan Wood, Todd Lewin and Bob Macdonald cheers to a new partnership.

New polymer made from recycled waste has versatile functions

Manufacturer's Monthly

Researchers from Chalker Research Lab at Flinders University have created a new multi-functional material that can be moved remotely by a magnet. . The post New polymer made from recycled waste has versatile functions appeared first on Manufacturers' Monthly.

Highly Functional, Compact-Designed Sinker EDM

Mold Making Technology

Conversational G- and M-Code programing simplifies programming and makes functions easier to learn. Photo Credit: Belmont Equipment and Technologies.

NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks

Control Design

The NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks are designed and built specifically to be compatible with almost all pneumatic cylinders or round shafts and rails. NexSafe spring-engaged, air-released rod locks are designed to provide machine builders with a reliable, verified safety solution for emergency stopping and precision-holding applications

Cross-cutting function run on servodrives reacts faster

Drives & Controls

The German drives-maker Baumüller has integrated a cross-cutting function into one of its servodrives, thus achieving faster response times and greater precision

New ‘Q’ DRO Offers Integrated Geometric Metrology Functions


The post New ‘Q’ DRO Offers Integrated Geometric Metrology Functions appeared first on Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine. A new metrology-focused digital readout by ACU-RITE will be introduced in the HEIDENHAIN booth at IMTS in Chicago (September 12-17).

Multicomponent Mold Combines Capping, Unscrewing Functions for Pharma Closure

Mold Making Technology

Running on an Arburg Allrounder More and featuring an Ewikon hot runner for the second shot, the Braunform mold will produce 11-mm (0.43") long Luer locks with a diameter of 10 mm (0.39") in an overmolding tool, which also has capping and unscrewing functions in a side-gated design.

Introduction to Functional Safety (IEC 62061) and its Implementation

Functional safety is the safety of a system and is critical for industries such as medical devices, automotive, railways, and machinery. This article will focus on functional safety for machinery and the standards that help its implementation

REHAU Hardware: Where superior functionality meets premium aesthetics

Dinesh Mishra

It is the support system for a furniture and significantly adds to its functionality, quality, and durability. The post REHAU Hardware: Where superior functionality meets premium aesthetics appeared first on Machine Insider.

Patented regen function simplifies servodrive apps

Drives & Controls

It says that this function – which it calls VRS (vector regen shunt) – will simplify servodrives by eliminating the need for external regenerative circuits and shunts, thus cutting costs, space requirements, wiring and system complexity

Polymers Enhance Tractor Functionality and Efficiency

Plastics Today

Cabin comfort and connectivity among benefits enabling farmers to focus on bringing fresh food to the table

Machine Demo: MW35 with iFLiPP - Faster Functionality Meets Furious Productivity

Modern Machine Shop

Photo Credit: Murata Machinery USA. Muratec Machinery USA 's MW35 twin-spindle machine with pick and place iFLiPP loading system enables quick materials loading for continuous operation and mass production.

BLM’s entry-level LS7 laser sheet cutting system offers high functionality

The Fabricator

BLM GROUP USA has introduced the LS7 laser sheet cutting system, designed as an entry-level product with the features and functionality of a high-end system

Synaptic transistor can enhance functions for robots, wearable devices

Control Engineering

The transistor is mechanically deformable and functionally reconfigurable, yet still retains its functions when stretched extensively,” Yu said. “It The post Synaptic transistor can enhance functions for robots, wearable devices appeared first on Control Engineering.

Bosch Rexroth Releases its New Plug-and-Produce Smart Function Kit for Dispensing

Bosch Rexroth's new universal Smart Function Kit for Dispensing helps customers execute dispensing tasks faster than previously possible with their complete and deployment-ready linear robots.

Blueprint of a highly functional Feedly for Threat Intelligence Account

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Blueprint of a Highly Functional Feedly for Threat Intelligence Account. In this article, we will share how they translate their intelligence needs into various types of feeds and how they structure those feeds into a highly functional Feedly account. Cybersecurity.

Project Announcement: Improving Maintenance of Multi-Function Electronic Sensors – Phase II


The US Army is partnering with industry and academia on a multiphase CTMA initiative to transform a single-function radar sensor into a multi-functional system that is software adaptable and will provide expanded functional capabilities without adding additional parts and hardware components that can malfunction. The post Project Announcement: Improving Maintenance of Multi-Function Electronic Sensors – Phase II appeared first on National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

Smart Linear Actuator Provides Plug-and-Play Functionality

Modern Machine Shop

Machine developers can also design new products – or perform upgrades – more easily and quickly using the new actuator, with its plug-and-play functionality. Ewellix CAHB-2xS linear actuator. Photo Credit: Ewellix.

EAM vs CMMS: whats the difference and its functions

Nexus Integra

is a fundamental task for the proper functioning of any company, but especially when working with industrial equipment and machinery. This function is essential to avoid all kinds of errors, reprocessing, incidents and repairs. This function is ideal for, for example, extracting failure patterns and modifying and adapting preventive maintenance plans. An EAM is a software whose function is focused on maintenance management.

CAD/CAM Software Equips Toolmakers with New Features, Functions

Mold Making Technology

Moldmakers specifically benefit from a new Ejector Lock function, Parting Surface Skin Tangent extension and better control of conformal cooling channels. For die designers, Addendum Faces functionality was revamped to handle complex forms.

Walmart makes Brain Corp ‘the world’s largest supplier of inventory scanning robots’

Robotics Automation News

News Warehouse robots associates better brain club clubs corp critical data experience floor function goal in-club insights inventory making product robots sam scan scanning scrubbers supplier time towers walmart

How to Translate Lean Principles Into Your Office Functions


Lean principles also apply to traditional scheduling functions, finance, even sales and marketing. The lean manufacturing movement came out of a desire to reduce waste and inefficiencies and improve productivity in the operation.

smartLink product family from Softing offers extended functionalities for Plant Asset Management

Manufacturing Tomorrow

Two product releases from Softing's smartLink family offer enhanced functionalities for Plant Asset Management and the implementation of Industry 4.0

MicroVision’s lidar solution now supported on Nvidia’s autonomous vehicle platform

Robotics Automation News

Computing News achieve adas autonomous development dr drive functionality highway-pilot latency lidar low mavin microvision nvidia oems performance platform safe solution supported systems true unique vehicle

CAD/CAM Software Enhancements Highlight More Efficient, Accurate Programming and Machining Functions

Mold Making Technology

Also to be highlighted at IMTS is a new break-edge function for contour milling, combined pocket milling together with a finish path for cutter compensation and increased efficiency for 3D plane machining. Photo Credit: Open Mind Technologies USA.

Advanced Software Features Latest Functionalities to Improve Productivity Tools Critical for Moldmaking

Mold Making Technology

Visitors can investigate the latest functionality of Mastercam, many of which are geared toward mold builders, at booth #133222 and at the Student Summit booth #215200. Photo Credit: CNC Software LLC.

ATO-Alternative Synergist for Flame-Retardant Polymers Also Functions as Biocide

Plastics Today

Tolsa’s ADINS range of modified, naturally occurring silicate clay addresses safety concerns involving antimony trioxide (ATO). It will exhibit the products at K 2022

Prototyping and manufacturing facility to accelerate medtech start-ups

AU Manufacturing

Professor Sharath Sriram, RMIT Project Leader and Co-Director of RMIT’s Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group, said the medical devices developed at the facility would improve and save lives. Media Release by RMIT University.

Driver assistance systems in all cars would cut accidents by a quarter, research says


automotive health and safety research and innovation uk road driver ergonomics road safety functional safetyThe research also found that automatic emergency braking (AEB) is the most impactful technology, reducing three out of the four most frequent accident categories: intersection (by 28 per cent), rear-end (by 27.7 per cent) and pedestrian accidents (by 28.4 per cent).

CRP Technology teamed with FLYING-CAM creating 3D printed, functional tail rotor actuators’ protection for the “super drone” Discovery

Manufacturing Tomorrow

CRP Technology's long-term collaboration with the unmanned airborne solutions developer, Award-winning FLYING-CAM brought to the construction of the UAV Discovery's tail rotor gear box housing. The part is 3D-printed in Windform® XT 2.0

Machine vision: New easy-to-use deep learning functions in MERLIC 5.2 by MVTec

Manufacturing Tomorrow

• Extended feature set of the easy-to-use machine vision software MERLIC • New deep learning feature “Global Context Anomaly Detection” • Available as of October 20, 2022

A Premium Automaker and Cloud Computing Giant Look to the Cloud to Enhance Vehicle Functionalities and Offer Improved Consumer Experience and Engagement

Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing

Against this backdrop, the BMW-Amazon collaboration aims to optimize the data insights gathered from BMW’s connected vehicle fleet which currently stands at around 20 million vehicles to create more innovative services, functions, and features for customers.

Real-Time Systems Safe Hypervisor running on Intel Atom x6000E Series enables new functional safety-compliance capabilities

Manufacturing Tomorrow

The new RTS Safe Hypervisor will be delivered as a complete OEM package, bundling the certified real-time hypervisor with functionally safe and non-safe virtual machines and a certified safe OS such as the Linux-based Zephyr or QNX

Sponsored: The new generation of intelligent MV switchgear


control and automation research and innovation power systems sustainable development functional safety sponsored white papers schneider electricA new generation of IIoT-enabled equipment has now come to medium voltage switchgear – incorporating far more sensing and connectivity and delivering new levels of value and reliability to owner-operators including remote operation, longer maintenance cycles, and reduced size.