April, 2022

General Motors speeds innovation in electric and autonomous vehicles with Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Cisco Industrial Automation

While it sounds futuristic to jump into your self-driving car and take a nap, tackle some work, or simply admire the view out the window, autonomous vehicles are increasingly becoming a reality. Autonomous and electric vehicles will lead to a safer, less congested future for all.

Mind awkward questions for your Gemba Walk

Chris Hohmann

Gemba walks are a popular topic on Linkedin, Youtube or blogs. So are lists of questions to ask during such a tour. In one of such lists I spotted a question related to tools. The gemba walker is supposed to ask if the toolset is complete, in proper condition and the best available. In my … Continue reading Mind awkward questions for your Gemba Walk. leadership and change Lean basics gemba walk Lean


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5G: Enabling Change For Manufacturers

Cisco Manufacturing

In today’s world of manufacturing, there is a new convergence happening. A greater number of available technologies are meeting the dynamics of changing workforces, fragile supply chains, and the ever-present market demand for better and cheaper products and services.

The future for growth opportunities in the world’s autonomous shared mobility market is huge – we look at the reason why

Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing

In the world’s major cities, policies are being put into place to make it difficult and expensive to own a car – so autonomous shared vehicles will be the future. What is autonomous mobility?

Even in the Midst of Supply Chain Disruption – What Can You Do NOW to Improve Performance?


Are you feeling pressure to improve performance and production, but struggle knowing where to start? How can you ensure increased productivity with so many risks and disruptions in the way? Well, good news!

Motion Control Trends: Automation, robotics spur motor demand

Motion Control Tips

Electric motors are at the heart of motion. Across the board, motor manufacturers are seeing increased demand for their products.

Five lessons manufacturing operations can learn from enterprise IT teams

Cisco Industrial Automation

Digital manufacturing stresses factory networks in ways their designers never dreamed of. You’ve got more devices that need more bandwidth and wider access.

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Industry 4.0- Top Frequently Asked Questions, Explained

Factory Worx

Read Our Blog. Industry 4.0- Top Frequently Asked Questions, Explained. Industry 4.0 ( fourth industrial revolution ) signifies a "smart," networked facility for enterprises. The influence of Industry 4.0

Where Cobots Can Be Deployed On The Factory Floor

Universal Robots

It’s been 10 years since collaborative robots appeared on the manufacturing scene.

Is Pick to Light Right for You? Streamline Picking Processes with Easy, Visual Cues

Bastian Solution

Are you looking for a way to eliminate waste within your picking process? Are you struggling to achieve accuracy metrics? Does your operation suffer from constant turnover or accommodate seasonality?

Motion Control Trends: Automation drives encoder development

Motion Control Tips

Encoder manufacturers are making sure that their offerings keep pace with broader technological changes and the demands of the market. For example, more powerful motion controllers and drives have spurred a rise in more sophisticated automation systems across a range of industries and applications.

Managing Time Sensitive Material: once you’ve tried Cloud AI, you can’t go back


At Plataine, we’ve got a simple view on AI-based optimization solutions: they bring radical benefits to manufacturers. Of course, we’re a provider of such AI solutions, so you could be forgiven for thinking, “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they.”

How to state SMART Goals?

Chris Hohmann

We all face goal setting. For our teams, our subordinates, ourselves… Goals are required so that they can be planned, followed-up, sometimes revised, and hopefully aligned when several have to work in conjunction to achieve a bigger Goal. Goal setting has also its requirements. Most of them must be SMART, as SMART seems to be … Continue reading How to state SMART Goals? Goal Tree leadership and change OKR (Objective and Key Results) Goal setting SMART


Can Palletising Be Automated Where The Product Size Changes Frequently?

Granta Automation

This is a question that is often asked when automated palletising is being considered.

Five stories about cobots improving workplaces

Universal Robots

On 28 April, we celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an awareness-raising campaign that promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally.

What is Direct on Line (DOL) Motor Control?

Marshall Wolf Automation

Considered the most simple motor start option, Direct on Line (DOL) starting directly connects an induction motor to a 3-Ph power supply with the addition of a contactor and an overload relay , providing overload protection. .

Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions About Manufacturing Execution system (MES)

Factory Worx

Read Our Blog. Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions About Manufacturing Execution system (MES). The manufacturing industry, like any other industry, is rapidly expanding. As a result, producers must keep up with new technologies and tools to remain relevant and competitive in today's market.

Outfitting Industrial Robots for Extreme Warehouse Environments

Bastian Solution

Hot, cold, corrosive – these environments, and more, inherently require a little extra care when it comes to planning labor and tasks. The same goes for introducing any automated technologies. After all, you need them to operate correctly and avoid any unnecessary damage.

Safety Meeting Topics for Manufacturing

CMTC Manufacturing Tech

In 2020, the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS) estimated that of the 4,764 fatalities that occurred on the job, 340 of them were in the manufacturing industry. In 2019, 395,300 of the 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries that occurred were in the manufacturing sector.

Upcoming Exhibition – PharmaTech Expo & LabTech Expo Chandigarh (April 2022)

Galaxy Sivtek

Galaxy Sivtek one of India’s biggest manufacturers of industrial vibro sifters , screeners and filters are going to present their world-class range of equipment at the 12th edition of the PharmaTech Expo & LabTech Expo 2022, Chandigarh.

Deep Drawn Manufacturing: Key Benefits For Precision Parts & Components


What Is Deep Drawn Manufacturing? Deep drawn stamping is a manufacturing method of forming sheet metal called blanks into parts of complex shapes and features. Typically, single blanks are used in order to manufacture parts and components with thick bases and drawn sides.

How Do You Decorate Your Easter Eggs?

Marshall Wolf Automation

Easter is almost here and for many of us, that means decorating eggs. While some of us are a little more traditional and stick to onion skins and cabbage leaves, yes that’s a thing, others go incredibly elaborate or downright rainbow colored with *shudder* GLITTER.

How Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation is Shaping the Food Industry

Factory Worx

Read Our Blog. How Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation is Shaping the Food Industry.

Lean Warehousing: The 5S Method

Bastian Solution

Developing a Lean culture in your organization is a multi-step process and, in this article, we will discuss one step in particular: establishing a 5S program

Predictive Maintenance as a Service for the Steel Industry.

Infinite Uptime

Introduction: The steel industry plays an essential role in developing the economic standing of any country.

Form 52

Alestis Aerospace


Alestis Aerospace reduced material waste by 4.6% Achieved a high level of automation & efficiency. The post Alestis Aerospace appeared first on Plataine. Aerospace & Composites Case Studies

How and why digitalization of operations can benefit Aerospace and Defense sectors?


Digital transformation has become essential in all industrial sectors. In fact, this revolution in the industrial world enables companies to optimize their work process, operational performance, their customer relation as well as their products and services.

Definite Purpose Contactors 101

Marshall Wolf Automation

Let’s start at the beginning. What are definite purpose contactors? DP contactors are electronically controlled switches that are used for switching a power circuit. Originally designed for the HVACR industry, their use has expanded to a variety of other market segments.

Introducing The New Pneumatic Roto Sifter

Galaxy Sivtek

Introducing a newly designed centrifugal sifter to enhance the screening process, Galaxy Sivtek announces the launch of its latest product, the Pneumatic Roto Sifter.

Caja Robotics: Delivering Flexibility through ‘Plug n’ Play’ Robotic Warehouse Automation

Bastian Solution

In 2022, Bastian Solutions announced a working relationship with Caja Robotics to integrate robotic systems in the U.S., with a plan to leverage each other’s capabilities in the material handling space to serve a range of projects and customer sites.

Decoding IT/OT Convergence: A Guide on Understanding IT and OT

Infinite Uptime

As IoT grows synonymous with digital transformation & advancements in manufacturing, it has also led to a wave of change on the shop floor.

Carbon Capture is Turning Into a Trillion Dollar industry for Spinning Out New Products

21st Century Tech

A recent Bloomberg Climate newsletter contained an article written by Sylvia Klimaki and Ryan Hesketh that I felt contained an interesting twist on the emerging carbon capture market.

Track competitors and emerging trends with Leo, Feedly’s AI Engine

Canadian Metalworking Magazine

Market Intelligence. Speed up your market intelligence by 70% with Leo Web Alerts. The core of Feedly for Market Intelligence is an AI engine, called Leo, that automatically gathers, analyzes, and prioritizes intelligence from millions of sources in real-time.

Basic Construction & Sizing for Contactors

Marshall Wolf Automation

So you’re looking to purchase a contactor switch , great! There’s some basic criteria to follow when looking for the right switch and it’s our goal to make that process as simple as possible.

UK Government Super Deduction Scheme – How Will It Affect My Purchase?

Granta Automation

The UK governments Super-deduction scheme is one of the most attractive tax incentives for business investment that has ever been offered by the UK Government. The scheme has been created to encourage firms to invest in productivity-enhancing plant and machinery … Continue reading → The post UK Government Super Deduction Scheme – How Will It Affect My Purchase? first appeared on Granta Automation.

Where Bedrock Open Secure Automation, OSA fits into the History of Industrial Automation

Bedrock Automation

In the more than 40 years that I have been involved with industrial automation there have been only a small number of “whiteboard moments,” moments in which a company detaches itself from the mainstream and develops an entirely new system that fully encompasses state-of-the-art technology. MODICON provided a whiteboard moment in 1968 with the introduction of the first PLC.

Fit 40

EAM vs CMMS: whats the difference and its functions

Nexus Integra

The digitalisation of industrial businesses has become a priority. As a result, maintenance 4.0 is a fundamental task for the proper functioning of any company, but especially when working with industrial equipment and machinery. This function is essential to avoid all kinds of errors, reprocessing, incidents and repairs. In this case, when talking about maintenance, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is often mentioned.