Sat.Jul 06, 2024

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Investing in New Technology at AccuRounds

Modern Machine Shop

In this machine shop tour, we step into the world of AccuRounds. Located in Avon, Massachusetts, the shop is boasting 45,000 square feet of cutting-edge precision machining technology. AccuRounds has created synergy between culture and technology, driving a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. As we tour the machine shop, see the transformative power of technology.

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PCBWay celebrates 10 years as leading PCB prototype provider by offering 80 percent off

Robotics Automation News

PCBWay is celebrating 10 years of innovation as one of the world’s leading providers of printed circuit boards by offering discounts of up to 80 percent as well as a variety of promotions, such as coupons, prize draws and exclusive badges.


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Unprecedented Material Removal – A New Star in Grinding!

The Fabricator

Take material removal to the next level with Innovative Norton RazorStar™ Fiber Discs featuring breakthrough technology that consistently cuts sharp -- designed for medium to high pressure metal removal in the toughest grinding applications

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Recent Collaborative Ventures Spur Highly-Capable Robotic Dexterity

Learn about two of the latest collaborative partnerships concerning the design, development, and training of robotic hand technologies with potential medical and industrial applications.

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A Journey to Efficiency & Excellence in Manufacturing

Foundation Wellness, an orthotic and foot care product leader, transformed its manufacturing by implementing the Manufacturing Execution System FORCE MES FLEX from FORCAM ENISCO. Previously hindered by manual data collection, the company needed more efficiency and a proactive approach. Adopting an MES enhanced data visibility and enabled data-driven decision-making.

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How robotics and automation can benefit from 3D printing, explains Replique

Robotics Business Review

Robotic arms in large-scale 3D printing deposit materials layer by layer, transforming production. Source: Replique In the realm of modern manufacturing and automation, the integration of robotics continues to redefine industry standards. One technology that is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is 3D printing. Henrike Wonneberger, co-founder and chief operating officer at Replique, explores the relationship between additive manufacturing and robotics.

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Revolutionary ToolRoom RN35 Software Elevates Productivity and Performance

Fabricating & Metal Work

RN35 includes feed rate optimization, ensuring improved cycle time and increased productivity. The software facilitates stable tool quality with a superior surface finish, offering enhanced performance for CNC tool manufacturing. ANCA, a global leading manufacturer of CNC tool and cutter grinders, proudly introduces RN35, the latest version of its cutting-edge ToolRoom software.