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BAE Systems successfully trials AMPV anti-drone prototype

Manufacturer's Monthly

BAE Systems successfully tested its Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System prototype during a recent live fire demonstration. In just over one year, our successful collaboration with Moog on the C-UAS prototype showcased the art of the possible of what a rapid response from leading industry providers can drive.

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Why is CNC Machining Ideal for the Prototyping Process?

Robotics Automation News

CNC machining stands out as the go-to prototyping process for many compelling reasons. An efficiently crafted computer program directs the intricate dance between cutting tools and workpieces, meticulously covering every angle of your prototype design. Speed is another ace […]


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E-machine simulation software reduces reliance on prototypes

Drives & Controls

The Simcenter E-Machine Design software brings together electromagnetic and thermal simulation, helping to reduce reliance on physical prototypes, and to accelerating innovation.

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PCB prototypes improve design and production process

Robotics Automation News

PCB prototypes are vital for electronics projects. By testing the prototype, designers can also ensure that the PCB meets the required specifications and performs […] They enable designers to test and improve their designs before making large-scale production.

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How Legacy Tools Are Failing Inventive Manufacturing Engineers

In this eBook you’ll learn: How to operationalize a culture of testing, failing, and testing again to accelerate innovation The guiding belief system shared by next-gen manufacturers moving from prototype to finished product at breakneck speeds How you can implement flexibility, free-flowing data, and automation into your existing factory operations (..)

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WePower Demos Energy Harvesting Generator Prototypes at CES 2024

Gary Mintchell

The post WePower Demos Energy Harvesting Generator Prototypes at CES 2024 appeared first on The Manufacturing Connection.

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3 Tips to Accelerate Humanoids from Concept to Prototype to Production

Robotics Business Review

Read the Blog Sponsored content by Kollmorgen The post 3 Tips to Accelerate Humanoids from Concept to Prototype to Production appeared first on The Robot Report. Get your design right from the start with these three best practices.

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The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics

What You'll Learn: 7 steps to embed predictive analytics in your application—from identifying a problem to solve to building your prototype. The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics has everything you need to get started, including real-world examples, steps to build your models, and solutions to common data challenges.