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Update on digital twins and more for digital manufacturing

Design World

New digital approaches leveraging cloud simulations and other advanced analytics are helping manufacturers optimize production lines and end products. By Lisa Eitel | Executive editor At the forefront of digital transformation (DX) initiatives is digital manufacturing.

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ModuleWorks launches MDES for digital manufacturing workflows

Design World

ModuleWorks, a provider of software components and solutions for CAD/CAM systems and CNC machining, has introduced the Manufacturing Data Exchange Specification (MDES). The new specification aims to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing workflows by enabling seamless data exchange across different platforms and processes.


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Embrace Digital Manufacturing with ITI Group

Manufacturing Management

Embrace Digital Manufacturing with ITI Group to transform your ‘good factory’ to a fully connected ‘Smart Factory’ of the future.

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End-to-End Digital Manufacturing Demonstration

Automation World

Siemens shows how a part or product can be made entirely in one closed-loop digital environment to optimize the entire process before production begins.

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How desktop digital manufacturing impacts abrasive waterjet cutting

The Fabricator

Desktop abrasive waterjet cutting is one process among a growing number of technologies in what’s become known as desktop digital manufacturing. The concept has created new possibilities for product designers. The time spent going from an initial design concept to a final product is no longer the hurdle it once was.

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Addressing Risks Introduced By Digital Manufacturing, A Conversation With BT

Gary Mintchell

Manufacturing companies began a digital journey decades ago. I began a digital project in 1978. Digital is one thing. And risk was a key word as I was introduced to BT , a networking and IT company, through an interview with global manufacturing lead Jose Gately. Connectivity is another. That come with a risk.

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Investing with confidence in digital manufacturing


For UK manufacturers, it’s a bit of positive news at a challenging time. Speaking to PTC customers, digital transformation is widely seen as a common-sense response to a range of current challenges, including supply-chain disruption, rising energy costs and persistent skills shortages.