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System Integrators and Artificial Intelligence

Automation World

As new automation tehnologies have transformed manufacturing over the past several decades, system integrators have been key to helping industry adopt these technologies. To stay relevant, integrators must now add AI expertise.

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FTC to Host Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence

Gary Mintchell

For all you Artificial Intelligence buffs out there, here is a chance to learn a little about what influential people are thinking. The post FTC to Host Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence appeared first on The Manufacturing Connection.


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How artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing process manufacturing

Control Engineering

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) insights Process optimization is key: The foremost challenge in process manufacturing is optimizing production, cost and efficiency. Dutta said process manufacturers are looking to overcome several challenges in the industry.

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Are Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Control Connected?

Automation World

Find out how analytics technologies, such as Model Predictive Control (MPC)—along with artificial intelligence—are impacting production operations, not just in the continuous processing industries, but discrete manufacturing as well.

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UTS launches new artificial intelligence centre

Manufacturer's Monthly

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has officially launched the Human-centric Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Centre in partnership with innovation leader, GrapheneX. It will focus on trustworthy human-AI teaming, spontaneous swarm intelligence, and natural brain-computer interfaces. Anoulack Chanthivong.

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Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Organizations

Cisco Smart Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction. AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GitHub’s Copilot are taking the world by storm. Employees are using them for everything from writing e… Read more on Cisco Blogs

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing


More manufacturers than ever are drawing upon AI in production and other areas of the manufacturing process, taking advantage of technology that is more accessible than ever while understanding the need to keep pace with competitors and innovators who are setting today’s bar with the adoption of AI tools.