Sat.Nov 26, 2022

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6 mistakes manufacturers are still making but can’t afford to


In today’s complex-manufacturing competitive landscape there’s no room to make critical mistakes. Following over a decade of close collaborations with top discrete manufacturing players, we’ve come to know and learn to spot some of the most widespread mistakes.

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Fastener News Desk

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Fasteners? . SPONSOR]. EUROLINK FASTENER SUPPLY SERVICE. HARD-TO-FIND METRIC FASTENERS…DELIVERED”. QUESTION: What is the meaning of the word metric? A: WATCH VIDEO NOW FOR THE CORRECT ANSWER.

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This week's digital edition is out now | Nov. 28, 2022

Plastics News

We hope you had a swell Thanksgiving! . This week's issue features our 2022 North American Compounders directory. Compounders are facing a slowing demand as the global economy also slows down. Frank Esposito examines what we saw in 2022 and what compounders are expecting for 2023.

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Integrating a DCS into an existing process cell

Control Engineering

Learning Objectives. A pharmaceutical company commissioned a control system for a process cell, but needed an overhaul of their system. The migration provided the plant with the necessary functionality and achieved qualification and validation. Process manufacturing insights.

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Hands-on review: Zhiyun Fiveray FR100C Light Wand


With both photography and videography becoming hugely popular - we've all got a good quality camera in our pockets now - people have also come to expect a certain degree of professional quality from the images they both view and create. In tandem with this uprating of content - online, on social, on TV - and given the surge of interest in creating content, the tools to support creating your best work are also becoming more accessible, flexible and powerful. .

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