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Building the Next Generation of Automation Talent

Automation World

Giving new employees the opportunity to participate on projects goes a long way toward building the talent pool industry needs. Factory / Workforce

Rust Foundation Establishes Security Team

Gary Mintchell

Do you program in Rust? Me neither. I had barely heard of it. I received this news. Valuable if you use Rust. Interesting for any other language to think about security within a language.

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Beckhoff to highlight ATRO, MX-System and Adaptive Automation at PACK EXPO 2022

Design World

Empowering leaders in packaging, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals to conquer automation challenges, Beckhoff will showcase flexible robotics, cabinetless control systems and adaptive automation technologies at PACK EXPO International 2022.

LMW, Machine Tool Division Showcases its Product Range at Rajkot Machine Tool show

Dinesh Mishra

LMW Machine Tool Division showcasing J4 – Vertical Machining Center, Smart Minimaster – Horizontal Turning Center, LTV 30 – Vertical Turning Center at Rajkot Machine Tools Show at Rajkot, Gujarat.

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Beyond Measure – Nucor Metrology Center at MTU Opens


Michigan Technological University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) has officially opened the Nucor Metrology Center with a donor appreciation event recognizing Nucor Corporation for its generous support of the Center.


Cobot Trend: Machine Tending

Automation World

As seen in two applications from Robotiq and Versabuilt using Universal Robots’ cobots, machine tending applications are becoming a key aspect of collaborative robot use in industry—especially in high mix, low-volume manufacturing. Factory / Robotics

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ThinkIQ and CESMII Partner

Gary Mintchell

How much impact do US National Institutes of technology and manufacturing have on the real world of manufacturing? I’ve dealt with several over the past 20 years. They do a lot of work. Sometimes I’m not so sure of the impact.

AML3D onboards ESSI Group veteran Ryan Millar as new CEO

AU Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing solutions company AML3D has named former ESSI Group chief executive Ryan Millar as its new CEO. .

Scientists build electronic ‘brains’ for solar-powered micro-robots


The development could set the stage for a new generation of microscopic devices that can track bacteria, sniff out chemicals, destroy pollutants, conduct microsurgery and scrub the plaque out of arteries.

End-to-End Digital Manufacturing Demonstration

Automation World

Siemens shows how a part or product can be made entirely in one closed-loop digital environment to optimize the entire process before production begins. Factory / Design

JW Winco introduces new high-end precision guide rollers

Design World

JW Winco has expanded its guide roller offering to include the standard part GN 753.1. With its entirely new design, these guide rollers have a special deep groove ball bearing of hardened roller-bearing steel. They are available in six sizes, from 0.866 to 1.969 in. (22


Schneider Electric To Complete Acquisition of AVEVA

Gary Mintchell

Financial investors today value software companies more than hardware companies. Notice how long-time industrial companies such as Emerson and Rockwell Automation and Siemens and ABB tout themselves as software companies.

Australian EV truck manufacturer doubles assembly capacity

AU Manufacturing

Media Release by SEA Electric. Electric truck manufacturer SEA Electric has extended its commitment to the Australian market by doubling the size of its local assembly facility for zero-emission trucks in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong.

AM Forward for American Supply Chain Resiliency: Neal Orringer, President of ASTRO America

Additive Manufacturing

Available in your favorite app: On this episode the AM Voices podcast, Adam J. Penna had a follow-up chat with Neal Orringer, President of ASTRO America, after hearing him speak on a panel at ASME’s AM Industry Summit back in June 2022.

A new Frontier in Robot Applications and Markets

Automation World

Robot technology is more advanced and applicable than ever with the help of machine learning, washdown capability, and safety improvements, but there is still plenty of room for innovation. Factory / Robotics

WAGO gains new electronic interface product manager

Design World

WAGO has hired James Lubow as its new Product Manager for Electronic Interface. Lubow takes over for and will be reporting to Jason Schmid, who was recently named Director of Product Management.

Emerson Adds Wind Power Technolgy

Gary Mintchell

Emerson sent me a number of renewable energy technology news releases and a live discussion over the past couple of months. I wrote about hydrogen a couple of months ago. These news items talk about wind power technology.

Growth, optimism and innovation abound for Australia’s mid-sized manufacturers

AU Manufacturing

Media Release by MYOB. Australian mid-sized manufacturers have experienced solid growth and are feeling optimistic for the year ahead, with investment in innovation front of mind, according to new research from business management platform MYOB.

What is Lean Manufacturing and its Six Core Principles?

Factory Worx

The post What is Lean Manufacturing and its Six Core Principles? appeared first on Factoryworx. Continuous Improvement

Robotics Improvements in High Demand as Technology Progresses

Automation World

While most CPGs and OEMs agree robotics programming has become easier, there are several aspects in high demand for improvement. Factory / Robotics

Sifting clear audio from background noise

Design World

Powerful statistical techniques can discern a desired audio signal from a jumble of inputs. Dave Betts • AudioTelligence Most of us live and work in the midst of noise.

IMTS / Hannover Messe Chicago Recap

Gary Mintchell

I didn’t have time to finish this about IMTS/Hannover Messe when I found myself in rainy Folsom, CA at the Inductive Automation’s Ignition Community Conference. More on that later. Here is a quick recap of my tour around two of the four full halls that comprised the event.

Tesla tipped to sell more than retail

AU Manufacturing

Media Release by Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers. The first 2022 Tesla Model Y has arrived in Australia and is going up for Auction with prices likely to exceed retail with the surge in demand for electric vehicles skyrocketing.

NGen announces $10.5M in support for OmniaBio’s cell and gene therapies facility

Canadian Manufacturing

NGen Supports Commercial Scale Manufacturing of Cell and Gene Therapies in Canada. HAMILTON &mdsah; Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), the industry-led organization behind Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, has announced a $10.5 million contribution to a $34.8

Dominion Energy’s Use of an Information Digital Twin

Automation World

In this video excerpt from the podcast on How an Information Digital Twin Democratizes Industrial Data, Sean Gregerson of Aveva explains the Information Digital Twin, data democratization, and how Dominion Energy applies the technology. Factory / Analytics

Stratasys introduces FDM certification program

Design World

Stratasys announced a new certification program for Stratasys FDM 3D printer operators and engineers, the first in a series of certification programs for Stratasys 3D printer users.

iBASEt Transitions to ‘Cloud First’ Development Cycle

Gary Mintchell

The rush to the cloud continues. Companies that have not transitioned their products to the cloud in at least one of its guises lag the industry. Here is an MES company announcing its transition. iBASEt , the company that simplifies how complex products are built and maintained, announced availability of the latest version of Solumina iSeries version i070, a critical update marking the company’s successful transition to a cloud-first development cycle.

Victoria revamps grant programs to drive workforce innovation

AU Manufacturing

The Victorian Labor government has revised two key grant programs to better help disadvantaged learners and support the industry in finding the workers they need. .

Use of Digital Data in Manufacturing to Cut Carbon Emissions


Beginning in 1765, the first industrial revolution transformed our economy by using coal to change the way goods were produced and manufactured. Since then, the second industrial revolution was driven by gas in 1870 before being followed by nuclear power in 1969.

OnRobot Automates the Robot Integration Process

Automation World

The forthcoming D:Ploy hardware and software from OnRobot automatically generates all the program logic, signal exchange, event handling, path planning, and real-time monitoring required for robot applications. Factory / Robotics

SSP safety enabling switches provide operator with special control mode

Design World

AutomationDirect has added SSP safety enabling switches, also known as “hold-to-run” or “dead man’s” switches. When used in conjunction with a properly designed safety system, they provide the operator with a special control mode for tasks such as maintenance or debugging of hazardous equipment.


Reliable Degassing in Battery Cell Production

Gary Mintchell

The rise of electric vehicle sales increased demand for battery manufacturing. Many applications come my way. This example is something Festo can do with pneumatic and electric actuators. In an active demonstration, as shown in this YouTube video of the demo, pneumatic and electric actuators from Festo handle and pierce battery cells. At the center of a degassing demonstration is the process chamber.

Renewable Energy Storage Target powers up Victoria’s clean energy transformation

AU Manufacturing

Media Release by Climate Council. The Climate Council welcomes Victoria’s new Renewable Energy Storage Target as a great example of what governments can do to unlock more investment in clean, affordable and reliable energy as Australia drives towards being fully powered by renewables.

Form 78

View from India: Green flight hope for the future


Aviation contributes about 2-2.5 per cent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions worldwide. As for India, the country is a leading importer of edible oil. Now here lies an opportunity. Probably this could be reason enough for the country to work towards becoming a hub for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Agri residues-feedstock, municipal solid wastes, renewable biomass and algae could all be used for making SAF. Such residues could be treated and channelled for clearing up the skies.

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